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Handmade Catnip Toys

template_rectangle-rwm-_pwHandmade cat toys sewn with premium fabric and organic catnip.

Made with love, in Tucson Arizona.




Unpopular opinion time?

I like the Fall Out Boy Ghostbusters theme. It’s neat and if it had come on in a club a few years back, everyone would be like ‘whaaaat? How fun!’ and keep on dancing.
I love Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 and Real Ghostbusters and eXtreme Ghostbusters. I’ll be watching the new movie. People need to stop bashing it until they’ve seen it, because it’s just coming off as misogynistic bull.
The FOB theme will probably be end credits stuff because that’s how it works.
Personally I am looking forward to some badass remixes of the theme. I think it could be a real stomper.


America: Reba McEntire is a great Country singer!

Wubz: Reba McEntire is the lady from Tremors!

Rescue pet

We rescued and rehomed this baby piñata. ‪#‎foreverhome‬12592577_10153436997461373_774201322819683134_n

The painful what-if that haunts ‘Ghostbuster’ Ernie Hudson

“When I originally got the script, the character of Winston was amazing and I thought it would be career-changing. The character came in right at the very beginning of the movie and had an elaborate background: he was an Air Force major something, a demolitions guy. It was great.”

Awww Winston. That sounds like it would have been great! :(

The painful what-if that haunts ‘Ghostbuster’ Ernie Hudson via EW

Star Wars

I have been raised on Star Wars. I’ve been held in the arms of Prowse’s Vader when I was less than a year old. I’d worn out video cassettes by the time I was 2. I liked to dress as Darth Vader. My most viewed photo on Flickr is me doing just that.

When I see these trailers and adverts for VII it’s triggering some very deep involuntary emotional responses. All these adverts make me so happy. There’s so many girl positive aspects to them and I am thankful for everyday now and forward that little nerd girls can feel free to love the things they love.

Personal Treasure

One of my most treasured posessions: an ex-rental copy of 1995’s joyous Tank Girl.





I am in Arizona, again.

Time has been moving strangely with the advent of a new relationship, a new job and the festive season.

When I left England, it was firmly getting a grip on Springtime, snowdrops faltering and daffodils beginning to bloom. Here in Arizona, there are bougainvillaea, yellow daisies, and pansies throwing splashes of colour amidst the dry terrain and spiked green. The weather is that of an English summer starting up, warm breezes and blue skies. I find myself always with a sweater laughably to hand, but am never in need of it.

You can take a grrrl out of England, but you can’t take away a lifetime of chill summers.





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