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Saturday: Golden Corral, Gaza Strip@The Hut, Tucson

Saturday was pretty chilled.  We ate ate Golden Corral for lunch, I discovered Banana Pudding.

Golden Corral is like a crazy deep fried all-you-can-eat buffet of everything you probably shouldn’t eat on the same plate. I failed in my mission to try many ‘classics’ in what was effectively a one-stop shop for doing so. Even when it’s easy…

Between the jetlag and the pudding coma, by the time we went out again I was pretty groggy. It’s a little awkward being sociable when you’re feeling unintelligible, but I don’t think anyone noticed because no-one could tell what the hell I said anyway. My accent is ridiculous.

I’m glad I pulled it together though, it was a fun night. My friend’s friend’s band was playing, hence the trip, and the venue was awesome. The UK doesn’t really do outdoor areas at clubs, bar the smoking area. Joys of a warm climate. Despite being 6k miles from home, we still managed to find 4 Brits in the audience, one even being from the next city over from me.

I always find it a bit uncomfortable watching bands if I know the people playing. I get the giggles. Luckily, whilst I’d met the band pre-show, we hadn’t reached that level of intimacy so I could watch like a normal person. Gaza Strip now have the honour of being the first band I’ve seen live in the USA, and I had the pleasure of watching a decent set that was still enjoyable even though a guitar decided to kill itself and I’d plied the bassist with drinks.

By the end of the set, I’d woken up enough to drink more than boring boring water and we all spent the rest of the night in the beer garden making new friends. Hurrah!


FLOD BLOGGIT: Dragon’s Beard, Hong Kong

Yesterday I went to a barbecue hosted by friends in honour of my impending birthday. One of them had recently returned from a business trip to Hong Kong, and had brought some delicacies back with him.


This is a piece of Dragon’s Beard. They come in a wrapped segment of 3 in individual paper cases. I have no idea what’s in them, and was unable to find the box they came in.
They taste initially like the driest Shredded Wheat known to mankind. The white hairs leech all moisture from your mouth. It tastes both sweet and dry.


When you bite into it, the true structure is revealed and flavour arrives! The filling is like a lightly granulated peanut butter, not bone dry but definitely not moist or gooey.
The overall combination of lightly sweet and nutty works well together as a taste but I did not enjoy the texture of the white beardy cocoon.

Chocolate coated sandwich biscuit.

For reference, US MoonPies are the equivalent of the UK Wagon Wheel product.

Brandy Snap Dream


Miniature chocolate coated swiss roll.

For reference, the UK version of HoHos/Yodels is a Cadbury’s MiniRoll

Slightly mangled, still tasty.


Crunch. Argh. Ow.

imageManaged to trip over my foot when my leg had pins and needles.
Sort of bent my foot in half, in a way it was never meant to bend.
Ice packs and concerned friends helped, and all I can do is rest it for now – there’s no A&E or Minor Injuries Unit in Whitby.

The lesson here was: Never eat chicken wings, you will damage yourself as you run in (polite) disgust to quietly dispose of the veiny, bony, greasy monstrosity. But it smelled so good…

Rhubarb jelly.

image Raspberry jelly with the first of this year’s home grown Rhubarb!

We couldn’t do that in England