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Unpopular opinion time?

I like the Fall Out Boy Ghostbusters theme. It’s neat and if it had come on in a club a few years back, everyone would be like ‘whaaaat? How fun!’ and keep on dancing.
I love Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 and Real Ghostbusters and eXtreme Ghostbusters. I’ll be watching the new movie. People need to stop bashing it until they’ve seen it, because it’s just coming off as misogynistic bull.
The FOB theme will probably be end credits stuff because that’s how it works.
Personally I am looking forward to some badass remixes of the theme. I think it could be a real stomper.



America: Reba McEntire is a great Country singer!

Wubz: Reba McEntire is the lady from Tremors!

Saturday: Golden Corral, Gaza Strip@The Hut, Tucson

Saturday was pretty chilled.  We ate ate Golden Corral for lunch, I discovered Banana Pudding.

Golden Corral is like a crazy deep fried all-you-can-eat buffet of everything you probably shouldn’t eat on the same plate. I failed in my mission to try many ‘classics’ in what was effectively a one-stop shop for doing so. Even when it’s easy…

Between the jetlag and the pudding coma, by the time we went out again I was pretty groggy. It’s a little awkward being sociable when you’re feeling unintelligible, but I don’t think anyone noticed because no-one could tell what the hell I said anyway. My accent is ridiculous.

I’m glad I pulled it together though, it was a fun night. My friend’s friend’s band was playing, hence the trip, and the venue was awesome. The UK doesn’t really do outdoor areas at clubs, bar the smoking area. Joys of a warm climate. Despite being 6k miles from home, we still managed to find 4 Brits in the audience, one even being from the next city over from me.

I always find it a bit uncomfortable watching bands if I know the people playing. I get the giggles. Luckily, whilst I’d met the band pre-show, we hadn’t reached that level of intimacy so I could watch like a normal person. Gaza Strip now have the honour of being the first band I’ve seen live in the USA, and I had the pleasure of watching a decent set that was still enjoyable even though a guitar decided to kill itself and I’d plied the bassist with drinks.

By the end of the set, I’d woken up enough to drink more than boring boring water and we all spent the rest of the night in the beer garden making new friends. Hurrah!

Exploring Neverland: A Night Inside Michael Jackson’s Abandoned Fun Park

Exploring Neverland: A Night Inside Michael Jackson’s Abandoned Fun Park.


Beastie Boys – Sabotage parody

An MCA tribute by James Winters.

Very, very nicely done. Ace!

WE ARE THE MEDIA – The AFP Kickstarter

Amanda Palmer & keytar

AFP/Keytar photo by Andrius Lipsys

So, recently, there’s been a lot of fuss about Amanda Palmer (& The Grand Theft Orchestra)’s kickstarter/album launch/project. ‘Fuss’ is probably a little negative sounding, what I meant is there’s a lot of people talking/writing about it. Let’s play catch up:

Amanda Fucking Palmer is a musician who left commercial music labels behind in 2010 and never looked back, being much happier writing, producing and distributing on her own terms.

Leaving the traditional industry behind hasn’t slowed her productivity at all. She’s released 2 albums, collaborated on 2 more, had a couple of singles since, and been touring too. AFP’s methods often involve crowd sourcing, from finding transport, to borrowing instruments and stage clothing, to finding local places to eat. It cuts the cost of touring, and adds a more personal connection with fans.

Hers is most certainly a more exciting and interesting independent route to take.

Palmer’s recent releases have been enabled through bandcamp, a site for musicians to release and showcase music directly (receiving ~90% of any profits), allowing listeners to ‘pay what they can’. Sure, Radiohead did that recently with In Rainbows (2007), but that’s one album – Palmer has done that with EVERYTHING since she left Roadrunner Records in 2010 (excepting her ukulele Radiohead tribute album and a cover of Nirvana’s ‘Polly’, which have a minimal charge to cover royalties.)

Palmer is all about putting the artist in charge, and it takes a strong, driven person to succeed, no doubt. Being out there on your own, putting yourself in charge of your dreams and destiny, making it happen is no mean feat. That brings us to what’s going on at the moment: THE FUTURE OF MUSIC. Amanda Palmer: The new RECORD, ART BOOK, and TOUR on Kickstarter.
This is EXCITING, because it’s a chance to help a musician to put out a major album – funded by us, the fans, internet people, music lovers, people just sick of the music industry – and to get what will undoubtedly be a great album. Check out the first single ‘Do It With A Rockstar’ for free, naturally.

With her Kickstarter project, you can pay upfront for the album (released September 2012). For a mere 1 US dollar, you’ll get a digital copy of the album. For a little extra, you can pre-purchase the download with added extras (‘rewards’) such as bonus tracks, or a hard copy CD or Vinyl. If you’re in the market for something a little more unique, check out some of the $100+ packages, including¬† house parties, dinner with AFP herself, and a photoshoot with the band.

All the money goes towards mixing, marketing, promotion, distribution (which a traditional music label would normally handle) and fulfilling the rewards. As of writing, you’ve got 10 days left. Funding closes at 23:59 EDT, May 31st 2012.

Whilst the album will be made available to the world in September, this is a chance to get in from the start, to get something awesome and special, to say I WAS THERE.

My name is Kerstal Wubz, and I’m an Amanda Palmer backer.



Future of Music.

(via Kickstarter – Amanda Palmer: The new RECORD, ART BOOK, and TOUR)

(Source: kck.st/JliwH9)





This appeared very shortly after John Peel’s death. The wall has since been repainted blue, but I love that they kept (and framed!) the stencil.

The only goth in Tombstone.