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Star Wars

I have been raised on Star Wars. I’ve been held in the arms of Prowse’s Vader when I was less than a year old. I’d worn out video cassettes by the time I was 2. I liked to dress as Darth Vader. My most viewed photo on Flickr is me doing just that.

When I see these trailers and adverts for VII it’s triggering some very deep involuntary emotional responses. All these adverts make me so happy. There’s so many girl positive aspects to them and I am thankful for everyday now and forward that little nerd girls can feel free to love the things they love.


New Return of the Jedi Footage emerges | Den of Geek

New Return of the Jedi Footage emerges | Den of Geek.


As it’s a silent piece, I chose some Explosions In The Sky as a personal soundtrack. It worked pretty well.

Jesus Christ was a carpenter


Scruffy looking nerf herder.

illustration by John Lucas :: via joltinjohnnylucas.deviantart.com

Star Wars Cakes

Star Wars Cakes « Flickr Blog:

Source: blog.flickr.net


Galactic Kiss

Galactic Kiss


Awesome Jedi Rock Song

Awesome Jedi Rock Song (via TheBattlecruiser)


Space, Baby

Space, Baby


H&M are promoting the above number for this season.Whilst the dress seems actually kinda hideous, my dreams of being Princess Ardala are overriding any common sense I may have had before.


That’s No Moon


Is that a moon?


Hello Vader

Hello Kitty Darth Vader Tattoo – Hello Kitty Hell