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I mean, I like Science, and I like Engineering, but too bad I couldn’t have a real dilemma on my hands by having a Command option too.



‘In March…’ or as it really turned out ‘In April 2012…’

'In March, read the books you’ve always meant to read' advert for statewide library project.

‘In March…’

I originally posted this on August 25, 2009. I probably wouldn’t have noticed it again had I not been working on migrating and collating old blogs (tumblr/WP) onto this site.

Earlier this year, I bought a copy of a book with this cover. I don’t know if my subconscious remembered, but it was certainly the neatest cover choice for my copy of ‘If You Want to Write’ by Brenda Ueland. Funny how things happen.



Kieron Gillen has just posted his Top 40 of 2009 – filled with some delicious commenty things, helpful video links and completed by a Spotify playlist. Not OF 2009, but HIS 2009 listening. ACE!



Looking for the KLF


Sir Clive’s really small TV

Retro Thing: Sir Clive’s really small TV.It’s pretty awesome to think about it. Tiny portable TVs. My Grandad had one when I was younger and I remember trying to get it to work in a caravan in…

Retro Thing: Sir Clive’s really small TV


Pondering Brewfest. Bratwurst, but no pretzels :(


Don’t Copy That Floppy TWO


‘Who Killed Amanda Palmer’

Who Killed Amanda Palmer album

Been listening to it all evening, and kicking myself for not picking it up sooner. Really gorgeous with some super catchy numbers in there. Not as raw and aggressive as some of the ‘Dolls catalogue…

[Full article lost in website corruption. Stub transferred 20/05/2012]


Sprites – ‘George Romero’


The Times – I Helped Patrick McGoohan Escape