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Unpopular opinion time?

I like the Fall Out Boy Ghostbusters theme. It’s neat and if it had come on in a club a few years back, everyone would be like ‘whaaaat? How fun!’ and keep on dancing.
I love Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 and Real Ghostbusters and eXtreme Ghostbusters. I’ll be watching the new movie. People need to stop bashing it until they’ve seen it, because it’s just coming off as misogynistic bull.
The FOB theme will probably be end credits stuff because that’s how it works.
Personally I am looking forward to some badass remixes of the theme. I think it could be a real stomper.


Star Wars

I have been raised on Star Wars. I’ve been held in the arms of Prowse’s Vader when I was less than a year old. I’d worn out video cassettes by the time I was 2. I liked to dress as Darth Vader. My most viewed photo on Flickr is me doing just that.

When I see these trailers and adverts for VII it’s triggering some very deep involuntary emotional responses. All these adverts make me so happy. There’s so many girl positive aspects to them and I am thankful for everyday now and forward that little nerd girls can feel free to love the things they love.

Valentine Schmalentine

I had finally found words to detail my feelings about Valentine’s Day, but they escaped as soon as I went to set them to pixel. I’ll try to muddle through.
It’s become cliche to say one doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, that it’s so crass and commercial, that it’s simply for suckers. I can’t say I disagree, but the truth is I’ll enjoy a token of affection on that day just the same as any other day. Of course, a thoughtful gesture on any other day might be met with a little less suspicion of peer pressure, but there it is.
If I see a small delightful gift and am of the mind to give it, of course I will. Likewise, were I to gift on the 14th Feb, it would be more from a sense of not wanting to seem callous and assume the other party had Holiday Apathy also (though you’d have hoped it would have been discussed already).
I am looking forward to catching Die Hard 5 tomorrow. It’s an interesting choice for a (very deliberate) Valentine’s Day release movie.
I’ll be watching it alone, as I do most movies, but I enjoy knowing that over in America, across all the states they live in, my gaming clan will be taking their sweeties to watch it for a subversive Valentine’s date.

Gaming Made Me: Fallout 2 | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Gaming Made Me: Fallout 2 | Rock, Paper, Shotgun.
I love this article. Heartfelt and touching, engagingly written, and interesting to see the effects games and RPGs can have on people in palpable, positive ways.

Coilhouse » Blog Archive » Geekquality: Where All Geeks Are Created Equal


Coilhouse » Blog Archive » Geekquality: Where All Geeks Are Created Equal.

Tropes vs. Women in Video Games by Anita Sarkeesian » OMG! 1000 backers! (and about that harassment stuff) — Kickstarter

Tropes vs. Women in Video Games by Anita Sarkeesian » OMG! 1000 backers! (and about that harassment stuff) — Kickstarter.


I’ve backed this Kickstarter because I think it’s an interesting topic and one that is relevant to me. To read about the abuse this person has suffered as a result of wanting to undertake this project is astounding.

I don’t remember any mewling.

Geek Girl On The Street Reports: What A (Geek) Girl Wants

Geek Girl On The Street Reports: What A (Geek) Girl Wants Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV.







I’ll Get Mine (Cure It With Honey)


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